Helen Innes

I'm looking for new work opportunities , primarily in London and the South East

I have 9 years experience working in the arts, culture, museums, and learning

I come from a design background

I want to put my skills towards conserving what's left of the oceans and their diverse life

Reasons to hire me:

Full Stack

In the arts and culture sector we don't have a phrase for it, so I've stolen this one from the world of tech.

What I mean is, I can take care of a project from beginning to end, working with diverse stakeholders, managing press and marketing, delivering events and other outcomes, creating print and graphic design materials, recruiting and training teams. I'm used to working with minimal supervision and also minimal funding.


I love forms and processes and policies as long as they make things easier for everyone. If it doesn't make things easier for everyone it's not a good process. This is what I mean by human. I'm a friendly bureaucrat, like a robot that has learned to love. 

Design Mind

If you hire me I will look at what the aims of the role are, and the aims of your organisation, and tailor my activities to match them. I trained in visual communication so I know all about this design thinking stuff. I don't think it's as compicated as those seminars make it sound - I just like to ask myself and those around me "why" a lot.


If your organisation knows why it exists and what its purpose is, I can design projects, events, and systems that work towards those ends. Design thinking is this ruthless adherence to what the point is - if every stage of your process doesn't suppport your aims, why not? What can be done to improve this? Crucially, the way we do it doesn't have to look like the way everyone else does it.


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